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Our Global Sourcing Division leads the global manufacturing & procurement requirements of your company with reliable partners in India, China, Europe & other markets. Our professionals are dedicated to helping OEM companies with their product-sourcing needs. As an international sourcing company, we take pride in developing customized manufacturing plans that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. By providing corporate sourcing solutions that expertly match our client’s manufacturing needs with the right factory, we can act as a reliable sourcing agent, ensuring quality and sustainable value pricing.
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Global Sourcing Network with Local ExpertiseWhy Us?Local Expertise

We simplify your Global Sourcing requirements by helping you take the right decisions with respect to complexities & uncertainties present in the Global Manufacturing Market.

Verified Suppliers

Large network of suppliers from over 35 industries meeting the highest production standards.

Expert QA Process

Highly qualified QA teams led by industry specialists- from sampling through completion.


Clients will stay informed throughout the contract life cycle constant with alerts and reports.

Integrated Logistics

Exclusive partnerships with leading providers in the region supporting a reliable global delivery network.

We are always interested in new, challenging and exciting projects

So, why not contact us and send us your project requirements, and we’ll do the rest!