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For more than 10 years now, WaveUltra has provided high-quality custom machinery in Bangalore, India prominently known as Special Purpose Machinery or SPMs to a wide range of companies in a number of different industries. We work with companies & their teams hand-in-hand by providing machinery that’s specially designed and manufactured to help them improve productivity and increase their revenue.
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Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing

What are SPMs?

Special Purpose Machines(SPMs) are machines which are used for one (or very limited number of ) specific manufacturing operations only. These machines are not available off the shelf meaning they are not covered in standard manufacturing process. Thus each of the machines are designed, programmed and automated specifically based on the requirements of the particular client.

Why Businesses need SPMs?

Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) are high-productivity machines that offer vast scope for high-volume production with lower costs when compared to conventional CNC machines. Thus, SPMs help Businesses save time and money by reducing human errors and number of manufacturing operations.

What are few examples of SPMs?

Currently few of the prominent applications of SPMs are:

  • Metal cutting
  • Computer numerical control
  • Vertical turning machine
  • Rotary indexing drilling and tapping
  • Multi and simultaneous operations such as drilling, milling, boring etc.
  • Assembly Station
  • Tapping
  • Leak, Continuity and Height testing
Why go with WaveUltra for your SPMs?

WaveUltra is uniquely oriented to provide global experience and local expertise to meet the demands of the Indian & International market. The SPM unit is part of our 10,000-square-foot facility, and it is filled with expert designers, engineers and machinists who know how to take your needs and vision and make them a reality through custom machines that are technically superior and are offered at competitive prices with top-notch Quality standards.

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