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Our ultrasonic cleaning solutions are trusted by professionals from various sectors. We are currently supporting companies around the world in fulfilling comprehensive requirements and achieving top-notch cleaning results.
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Automotive & EV

Ultrasonics can remove carbon deposits, grease, and other types of dirt and contaminants easily from Automotive parts.


Aircraft and rocket parts of all sizes are cleaned thoroughly of residues & restored for flight to maintain safety for the industry.


Our methods are established for removing micron-size microcontaminants or larger from silicon-wafer surfaces.

Machining Works

Ultrasonics help clean film-like soils in parts even from areas difficult to access such as blind holes, knurling and grooves.

Medical & Dental

Instrument & apparatus reprocessing is a very critical part of the infection-control protocol in the medical & dental Industry.

Scientific & Lab

Ultrasonic Cleaning helps clean instruments of any residue from any prior procedure which may contaminate the next one.

Watch & Jewelry

Ultrasonic Cleaning helps in cleaning & also to bring out the natural sparkle & shine in watch parts & jewelry, be it metal or stones.


Ultrasonic Cleaning in an aqueous solution removes residues at microscopic levels which is a must for Optic parts.

Product PortfolioOur Ultrasonic Cleaning MachinesUltrasonic Cleaning

WaveUltra is a leading destination for Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines in India. WaveUltra offers a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning machine solutions, our most prominent ones being a portable ultrasonic machine and a digital ultrasonic cleaning machine.

With dry-run-proof heaters and an automatic temperature controlling system, WaveUltra’s industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems are without a doubt the finest solutions available in the market today. And moreover, our ultrasonic cleaner price is relatively low as well, making for an affordable ultrasonic cleaning machine manufactured in India.

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Since Customer satisfaction is a matter of utmost importance for us, we always have a dedicated customer support line to clarify any ultrasonic cleaner industrial-use query you might have.
Compact Table-Top Series

Compact Table-Top Series

Compact Table-Top Series

Large Single Stage Series

Large Single Stage Series

Large Single Stage Series

Multi Stage Series

Multi Stage Series

Multi Stage Series

Standalone Dryers

Standalone Dryers

Standalone Dryers

Automated Customized Systems

Automated Customized Systems

Automated Customized Systems

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine India
Ultrasonic Cleaner Price in India

Compact SeriesCompact Series

Our compact ultrasonic cleaning machines easily fit in any space and are ideal for cleaning a wide variety of instruments and mechanical parts; engine and electrical components; jewelry and any other small parts.
Different tank size options available ranging from 1 to 50 litres
Equipped with high performance 37kHz or 25kHz ultrasonic transducers
Dry-run proof heaters & automatic temperature controller with presetting for efficient cleaning applications
Customizable tray and mesh size based on application & part size
Ultrasonic Cleaner Industrial Use
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Price in India
Ultrasonic Large 2
Ultrasonic Large 5
Ultrasonic Large 3

Large Single Stage SeriesLarge Single Stage Series

We offer the most advanced large ultrasonic cleaning systems in the industry. Combining state-of-the-art technology, heavy-duty construction and a wide range of customizations when compared to the Compact Series, the Large Single Tank Series are used for both small and large part cleaning.
All features and customizations of the Compact Series are available
Automatic dunking & lifting jig for hassle free operation
Automatic level controller for water/aqueous solution
Automatic water/aqueous solution surface sweeping for quick degreasing available
Automatic filtration system with customizable filter sizes
Air agitation system for increased performance
Machine frame & body customizable to secondary requirements of the user
Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
Ultrasonic Multi 2
Ultrasonic Multi 3
Ultrasonic Multi 4

Multi Stage SeriesMulti Stage Series

Distinctively re-engineer revolutionary meta-services and premium architectures. Intrinsically incubate intuitive opportunities and real-time potentialities.
All features and customizations of the Large Single Stage Series are available
High pressure water jet chamber available based on part intricacy
Automatic gantry system for automatic stage-to-stage transfer
Hot air blower & oven chamber for quick drying
Dryer 1
Ultrasonic Cleaner India

Standalone DryersStandalone Dryers

Our Hot air dryers or ovens are specifically built to dry parts or components post washing or ultrasonic cleaning to reduce or completely remove any water content from the surfaces.
Superior temperature distribution and uniformity
Adjustable temperature & automatic temperature control with preheating feature
Preheating feature with quick temperature shoot up post turn on
Effective results observed on both glassware & metal parts
Ultrasonic Bath Machine Price
Special Purpose Machine Manufacturing
Custom 3
Custom 5
Custom 6
Custom 7
Custom 8
Spm Manufacturers in Bangalore

Automated Customized SystemsAutomated Customized Systems

Turnkey systems tailormade to specifically fit your business and the operational requirements after detail R&D on the part design, composition, surface quality, contamination type & required standard of cleanliness. The machines can be designed to be easily integrated to already existing systems.
A comprehensive design of multistage cleaning systems
Automatic stage-to-stage transfer using a servo based gantry controlled by an advanced PLC
Easily operable HMI with hands on control over all modules & access to real-time data of the modules
Conveyor based loading, unloading, washing & drying option available

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