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Ultrasonic cleaning is an efficient and precise method that uses high-frequency sound waves to create microscopic bubbles in a cleaning solution. As these microscopic bubbles collapse, they produce energy, effectively dislodging contaminants from the surface.
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Waveultra's compact Marvel Series ultrasonic cleaners are built to be sturdy and potent cleaning devices, catering to both heavy-duty and delicate cleaning needs for small components. These ultrasonic cleaners provide the most effective and consistent cleaning results.
They can effectively eliminate contaminants such as grease, debris, particles, and dirt when used in conjunction with the appropriate cleaning solution. The Marvel Series is available in 2 variants, Marvel-S(WMS) & Marvel-S/R(WMS/R).

Features of Marvel Series

Technical HighlightsIndustries

In degassing mode, the transducers generate high-frequency waves to prompt the release and extraction of trapped gases within the tank. This process is carried out to eliminate dissolved gases in the cleaning solution, as their presence can disrupt the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning.
It is a soft cleaning mode based on a single-frequency ultrasonic wave and its wave amplitude is half of the original single frequency. This mode reduces the risk of damage to delicate items.
Power Regulation
Our ultrasonic cleaners have variable analogue power adjustment controls. This option allows the user to adjust the intensity of the ultrasonic waves based on the specific cleaning requirements and the type of items being cleaned.

What can be cleaned

Precision Manufacturing Parts

Laboratory Equipment

Electrical & Electronics Parts

Eyewear and Lenses

Optical Devices


Wrist Watch Case Medical

Dental Instruments & Accessories

Hardware & Machinery Parts

Maintainance & Cleaning of Tools

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Waveultra was established in 2008, primarily focusing on producing Ultrasonic Cleaning systems for various industries. Our committed engineering team, extensive supplier network, and versatile capabilities position Waveultra as a trusted partner ready to assist you with your precision cleaning needs. Our talented and effective team has over two decades of experience in the component cleaning industry. We work in a massive 20000+ sq ft manufacturing facility with market-leading tech.
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Advantages of Table Top Ultra Sonic Cleaner

Gentle on Items

Despite the powerful cleaning action. our ultrasonic cleaners are gentle on delicate items. such as jewellery. electronics, and precision instruments. as they do not involve harsh scrubbing or abrasive cleaning, which increases the longevity of the product.

Precision Cleaning

Our ultrasonic cleaners are designed in such a way and work so effectively across a wide range of workpiece shapes, sizes, and materials that even hard-to-reach spots can be cleaned with precision without a hassle.


Marvel Series ultrasonic cleaners are compact and easy to operate, making them suitable for small businesses, labs. and individuals. They feature digital controls for precise customization of cleaning cycles.

Zero human contact

Since these machines use ultrasonic technology. which is a high-precision type of cleaning